In and Around Formby 11 - 15 December

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Seasonal Entertainment

Posted Monday 11 December 9.30 am

Following the lead of the 'Nativity: The Musical' performed yesterday on the grounds of Formby Swimming Pool I thought I'd continue the theme of seasonal entertainment.

Here's an example from recent local history. This is an extract from a copy of the Stage, published in January 2000.

Red Riding Hood Southport

Panto Story 2

Stage Thursday 13 January 2000

Duggie Chapman's pantomime at the Southport Theatre starring Keith Harris and his comic creations Orville the duck and Cuddles the monkey is a real winner. The show romps along briskly with lots of good songs, funny jokes and quite spectacular scenery. The plot needs no explanation Red Riding Hood (Nicola Travis) wanders through the wood and meets the Prince (Stuart Davenport) Who in turn dispatches the Wolf, played with great zest by Andrew Vincent.

Veteran panto Dame Ronne Coyles is quite magnificent as Granny Hood, decked out in the most outrageous of costumes and, on several occasions, coming out with some equally outrageous asides.

Linking everything together is the Vegetable Fairy (Sarah Thomas) Glenda from Last of the Summer Wine. Aiding and abetting the principals are Muddles the Jester (Norman Prince), crotchety old Squire Humphrey (Derek Yelding), the Wizard (Stuart Langland) and his assistant Meriina (Jayne Whincup). The latter twosome also contribute a fine illusion act.

The Care Bears will delight audiences and the attractive young ladies from the local Formby School of Dance add to the show's success, as does the well chosen arrangements of musical director Lawrence Knight. A really splendid show for children and adults alike.

Stan Woolley

(Source) The Stage - Thursday 13 January 2000

It caught my eye just because of the usual, annual contributions made to some of these Southport based pantomimes, by Formby School of Dance.

There'll be many families here in Formby whose off-spring have tasted their first, heady and exciting experience of 'live theatre' in local pantomimes.

Happy days.

Weekend in Formby

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What goes around, comes around

Posted Saturday 9 December 10.00 am

Recently I've been tweeting very short fragments of stories about Formby from a past era. I thought you might like a chance to read this one in more detail. The first sentence seems to point to the current debate and division in the present Tory Party over free trade versus regulation.

Then there's a section which all seems to revolve around the issue of devolution and where the idea comes from. I love the reference to the likely impact of local Parish Councils, is the present Formby Council still working on its neighbourhood plan after 5 years?

Finally, the  'allotments' issue, it smacks of paternalism, this landed gentry MP is talking of policies to reduce working class resentment over the loss of land during the 'Clearance' and thus preventing revolution. Are these the 'just about managing' he's talking about, still suffering under a political system which fails to listen and represent their needs?


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